Jacques LeBlanc and Jackson Huggins of REALMarchitecture+design created a business based on one simple philosophy. Create comfortable spaces that allow the most enjoyable experience possible. The firm began with a focus on residential architecture in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and expanded to luxury residential in Vancouver, BC. Whether a home, night club, restaurant or work space the philosophy that started the company still holds true. Design a great atmosphere and memories will be created.


At REALM we take pride in the diversity of services that we offer. Because we believe that good design is more than full Architectural services, we offer Interior design services. We are passionate that good design does not end at the exterior of the home or with a great floor plan. We feel successful design starts the moment you pull in the drive and continues seamlessly throughout all interior spaces even to your outdoor living spaces. Continuity is integral to a comfortable living environment. We enjoy working with every client to help fulfill their dreams for architecture and space that will bring you pride and joy for many years.

Our services include but are not limited to:
interior design
outdoor living space
turn-key home furnishing
construction oversight